In progress – Byambadorj, Dag yig mkhas pa'i 'byuṅ gnas

We are pleased to announce that the following is in progress: Byambadorj, Sainbileg (forthcoming) Dag yig mkhas pa'i 'byuṅ gnas: a critical edition. (2 vols)


Sainbileg Byambadorj graduated from the National University of Mongolia (NUM) in 2000 with a BA in Buddhist studies. She continued at the NUM and was awarded an MA in Philosophy in 2002. She enrolled for a PhD in Buddhist studies at the Academy of Korean Studies in 2009. Her doctoral dissertation --A philological study on the Dag yig mkhas pa'i 'byuṅ gnas-- was completed in 2016. Her interests range from philology to philosophy, particularly Classical Tibetan and Classical Mongolian. She assisted with research on The Mongolian Lao Kida [蒙語老乞大] in the Academy of Korean Studies in 2014. She has been a researcher at the Mongolian Academy of Science and is currently at the National Library of Mongolia.


The Origin of Sages (Dag yig mkhas pa'i 'byung gnas, Merged γarqu-yin oron) [hereafter Dag-Yig] by Changkya (lCang-skya Qutuγtu Rol-pa'i-rdo-rje, 1717-1786) was written as the translation guide for the Mongolian Tanjur in 1742. The Dag-Yig was intended as a guide for translating Buddhist technical terms into Mongolian and contains an authoritative bilingual orthography (Tibetan and Mongolian), as well as an "abridged exegesis" of the knowledge system of Buddhism.

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