Indica et Buddhica Distributors

Indica et Buddhica Distributors Limited (formerly Indica et Buddhica Limited) is a privately held company registered with the New Zealand Companies Office: Company No. 2185898, NZBN: 9429032500004, GST No. 100959828. Responsibility: printing, distribution and sale of publications.
Post Indica et Buddhica Distributors, Littledene, 70 Bay Road, Oxford 7430, New Zealand

ASB Bank, Rangiora branch, 202 High Street, Rangiora 7400, New Zealand


Account number/IBAN: 123240009850650

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • By cheque payable to "Indica et Buddhica Distributors". Cheque payments should be sent to our postal address.
  • By bank transfer to "ASB Bank". Please include your invoice number and client code as the reference when making payment and please send remittance information to: