Dag yig mkhas pa'i 'byuṅ gnas: a critical edition

Byambadorj, Sainbileg (forthcoming) Dag yig mkhas pa'i 'byuṅ gnas: a critical edition. Oxford: Indica et Buddhica. (2 vols)

The Origin of Sages (Dag yig mkhas pa'i 'byung gnas, Merged γarqu-yin oron) [hereafter Dag-Yig] by Changkya (lCang-skya Qutuγtu Rol-pa'i-rdo-rje, 1717-1786) was written as the translation guide for the Mongolian Tanjur in 1742. The Dag-Yig was intended as a guide for translating Buddhist technical terms into Mongolian and contains an authoritative bilingual orthography (Tibetan and Mongolian), as well as an "abridged exegesis" of the knowledge system of Buddhism.

The Dag-Yig is divided into eleven chapters and is comprised of 761 folios of woodblocks in the Buryat version. In the critical edition, the Beijing print and the Buryat print are examined as fundamental sources. The Dag-Yig that was published in Inner Mongolia in 2002 is used as a reference for deciphering the Beijing prints. The Tibetan version of the Dag-Yig edited by 'Khor-gdon Gter-sprul 'Chi-med-rig-'dzin in 1975 has also been consulted.