Śikṣāsamuccaya of Śāntideva: Sanskrit Buddhist text.
Title Śikṣāsamuccaya of Śāntideva: Sanskrit text
Author Mahoney, Richard
Braarvig, Jens
Bendall, Cecil
Publisher Indica et Buddhica, Oxford, North Canterbury
Date of publication Jan-2003
Keywords Śāntideva
7th century
Mahayana Buddhism
Religious life
Citation Mahoney, Richard, ed., Śikṣāsamuccaya of Śāntideva: Sanskrit text (Oxford, North Canterbury: Indica et Buddhica, 2003)
Abstract Base edn: Cecil BENDALL. Base e-text: Jens BRAARVIG. Markup and encoding conversion, additional compilation, data entry, and proof correction: Richard MAHONEY.
Description This text is based on the edition of BENDALL: Bendall, Cecil, editor, Çikshāsamuccaya: a compendium of Buddhistic teaching compiled by Çāntideva chiefly from earlier Mahayana-sūtras, edited by Cecil Bendall M.A., Bibliotheca Buddhica, vol. I (St. Pétersbourg: Commissionnaires de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences, 1897-1902).