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Lore Sander

Lore SANDER is well-known for her palæographic studies of manuscripts from the Northern Silk Route. She studied Sanskrit, Ethnology and Sociology at the Free-University-Berlin and at Göttingen. After her Ph.D. she continued her work for the catalogue “Sanskrit Handschriften aus den Turfanfunden” at Göttingen for which she already worked as research assistant. Because of her deep interest in archæology and arts she became curator of the “Turfan Collection” at the former “Museum for Indian Art,” now part of the “Museum for Asian Art,” in Berlin. After her retirement in 1998 she continued her work on manuscripts working inter alia for the “Martin Schøyen Collection” in Oslo.

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Siglinde Dietz

Siglinde DIETZ's main emphasis are Indo-Tibetan studies and Buddhist Sanskrit Literature, especially Abhidharma and Cosmology. She studied Indology, Tibetology, Oriental Art and Religious Studies at Bonn, where she finished her studies with the doctoral degree. From 1980 to 2002 she worked for the project “Sanskrit-Wörterbuch der buddhistischen Texte aus den Turfanfunden” at the Academy of Science in Göttingen. She taught Tibetan at the University of Göttingen after her retirement until 2008.

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Sander, Lore & Dietz, Siglinde (forthcoming) The Āṭānāṭīya- and The Āṭānāṭikasūtra: Sūtra for protecting monks and nuns in the wilderness: The Sanskrit text in the Dīrghāgama manuscript from Gilgit and a re-edition from fragments found on the Northern Silk Route.