Sanskrit, Tibetan and English lexica

Lexica provides definitions from two Sanskrit-Tibetan word lists and a Sanskrit-English dictionary. Three lexical databases are currently available - the Mahāvyutpatti, Yogācārabhūmi and Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary - and twelve different search strategies.

We would like to thank Dr Hoshu MITSUHARA and Tooru AIBA for permitting the manipulation of their electronic versions of the Mahāvyutpatti. We are also grateful to Drs Koitsu YOKOYAMA and Takayuki HIROSAWA for the original digital version of the Yogācārabhūmi. The Indica et Buddhica version of Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary is possible due to the kindness of Dr Thomas MALTEN.

Two search interfaces are provided:

To search the IeB DICT server with a DICT client please set it to connect to:

  • indica-et-buddhica.org:2629

For details please see: How to search the DICT Monier-Williams &c..