Scholiast - June special discount

Publication date: 29.May.2016, 02:21

{Indica et Buddhica Scholiast} is a bibliographic database for Asian and Buddhist Studies. Since the initial release in November coverage has grown to more than 45 journals. We have also included more than 40,000 additional records for books. The full record for each book provides Library of Congress Subject Headings. We are currently adding headings to the records for articles. Scholiast now holds 247,847 records.

An annual individual subscription to Scholiast is $256 USD. We are offering a June special discount of 35%, or $166. A discount of 40%, or $153, is available for students. This is valid until 30 June 2016.

To place an order please follow this link:

Scholiast subscriptions


Richard Mahoney



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