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Publication date: 12.August.2016, 21:23

We are now including Subject Headings, Abstracts and Related Resources in the full record for articles. The first journal to be reviewed is the Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies. Here are some revised records appearing in both {Scholia} and {Scholiast}:



IEB-ID: IEB0000101596
Title: Remaking the Past: Tamil Sacred Landscape and Temple
Author: Branfoot, Crispin
Host item: BSOAS 76:1 21-47 2013
Bibliographic index: Scholia | Scholiast
IEB-ID: IEB0000101650
Title: Japanese Exploration of Central Asia: The Ōtani Expeditions and
 Their British Connections
Author: Galambos, Imre
Author: Kōichi, Kitsudō
Host item: BSOAS 75:1 113-134 2012
Bibliographic index: Scholia | Scholiast
IEB-ID: IEB0000101695
Title: Śiva and Avalokiteśvara: On the Iconography and Date of the
 Golden Window and Golden Door of Patan's Royal Palace
Author: Bühnemann, Gudrun
Host item: BSOAS 75:2 337-359 2012
Bibliographic index: Scholia | Scholiast


IEB-ID: IEB0000101598
Title: Review of Bridges to Heaven: Essays on East Asian Art in Honor
 of Professor Wen C. Fong. (2 Volumes) by Jerome Silbergeld; Dora
 C. Y. Ching; Judith G. Smith; Alfreda Murck
Author: Clunas, Craig
Host item: BSOAS 76:1 174-175 2013
Bibliographic index: Scholia | Scholiast
IEB-ID: IEB0000101624
Title: Review of Le Sūtra des Contemplations du Buddha Vie-Infinie,
 Essai d'Interprétation Textuelle et Iconographique. (Bibliothèque de
 l'École des Hautes Études, Sciences Religieuses, Volume 145) by Jérôme
 Ducor; Helen Loveday
Author: Lomi, Benedetta
Host item: BSOAS 76:1 177-179 2013
Bibliographic index: Scholia | Scholiast
IEB-ID: IEB0000101692
Title: Review of Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road by Johan
Author: Barrett, T. H.
Host item: BSOAS 75:2 414-415 2012
Bibliographic index: Scholia | Scholiast
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