Philologica: machine readable texts for Indology and Buddhology

Textual analysis


*Philologica is currently being redeployed*

Philologica provides texts and tools for philological research. It is intended that each text include:

  1. a Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) version based on critical editions;
  2. a full text search, retrieval, and analysis system for the TEI version; and
  3. when appropriate images of the editions correlated to the TEI version

Two interfaces are provided:

Textual analysis is available for works by Nāgārjuna and Śāntideva, the Mahāvyutpatti and Yogācārabhūmi, and the Mahābhārata and Rāmayāṇa. Please follow this link for the current texts and this link for help with searching.

Philologica uses a modified version of PhiloLogic™, a platform developed by the ARTFL Project and Digital Library Development Center at the University of Chicago. The author is grateful for advice and support from Mark OLSEN.

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