Indica et Buddhica has more than 2800 registered users. Most are faculty and post graduates and most are engaged in Indological and Buddhological studies.

  • Frank CONLON, Professor Emeritus of History, South Asian Studies and Comparative Religion, University of Washington, Seattle – ``... Richard Mahoney's labors on the project to make the monumental Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary readily and reliably available to scholars through the internet represents a wonderful contribution to students everywhere. ...'' src ``[IeB Tabulae] ... represents a very useful resource--yet another of Richard Mahoney's many contributions to the support of scholarship. ...'' src
  • James FITZGERALD, St. Purandara Das Distinguished Professor of Classics, Department of Classics, Brown University – ``... Thank you. And thank you for all your very valuable work in making such resources available! ...''
  • Madhav M. DESHPANDE, Professor of Sanskrit and Linguistics, Department of Asian Languages & Cultures, The University of Michigan – ``... I have found the HTML version of the MW dictionary extremely useful. I have a pdf version as well, but the huge size of the pdf makes it very slow to use. I have recommended the use of the HTML version to my students and they have found it very convenient as well. Thanks for producing this very useful tool. ...''
  • Jürgen HANNEDER, Leiter, Universitätsprofessor, Fachgebiet Indologie und Tibetologie, Institut für Orientalistik und Sprachwissenschaft, Philipps-Universität Marburg – ``Although as a bibliophile I would never give up the practice of looking up words in a printed dictionary, in daily work I prefer using the dict version of the MW wherever possible - simply because it is much faster. The dictionary search is seamlessly integrated into the editor EMACS and one only wishes that more dictionaries are prepared in this way.''
  • Yusho WAKAHARA, Professor, Ryukoku University – ``... Your web-site is a real treasury for Indological and Buddhistic studies. ...''
  • A. Charles MULLER, Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo – ``... As a scholar of Buddhism, you should make use of the basic Internet resources available in the field, such as the Tibetan Buddhism Resource Center, the resources list on the top page of the Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, the NTU Article Database, the INBUDS database, Indica et Buddhica, and so forth. Once you have exhausted these and other traditional forms of inquiry, you can post a query to the list in an informed manner. ...'' src
  • Stephen C. BERKWITZ, Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Missouri State University – ``... Thank you for completing my registration. I look forward to consulting these many fine resources. ...''
  • Tom YARNALL, Professor, Department of Religion, Columbia University – ``... Thank you very much. I have now logged on successfully and gained access to your invaluable materials there. ...''
  • Giuliana MARTINI, Dipartimento di Studi Asiatici, Università degli Studi di Napoli "L’Orientale" – ``... Again, thanks for your generosity and for providing such a fine, refined and lucid tool-medium. ...''



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