Gaffney — sKyes pa rabs kyi gleṅ gźi (Jātakanidāna): an annotated translation

Gaffney, Sean (forthcoming) sKyes pa rabs kyi gleṅ gźi (Jātakanidāna): an annotated translation. Indica et Buddhica Jātakanidāna, v. 2. Oxford: Indica et Buddhica Publishers.

The English translation of the Tibetan critical edition gives a complete translation of the text. This translation is intended to complement the work of the critical edition by indicating in the critical apparatus those parts of the text that vary from the Pāli original. A most important aspect of the translation is that it provides us with a complete picture of the text as it was transmitted in the 13th century from Pāli into Tibetan. It has therefore significant philological importance for the study of the Tibetan translation and transmission process as found in the later period of the spread of Buddhism to Tibet. The translation also provides annotations to the text that show in detail any discrepancies or irregularities that were found between the phrasing of the Tibetan and Pāli texts. Much information is included here that was not justified in the critical edition but which has relevance for the translation. Also included in the annotations are both the Tibetan and Pāli forms of the proper names of persons, places and trees, that occur in the text.



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