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Indica et Buddhica is now publishing monographs, critical editions, proceedings and edited volumes in classical Indian and Buddhist Studies. Worldwide distribution is through the Ingram Content Group. We are always pleased to receive publication proposals.

If you have begun working on a book then we would suggest that you send a publication proposal as early as possible. If your work is already well progressed a proposal will still help with our initial evaluation.

Proposal forms are available further down this page. They address the following:

The Progresse of the Bodhisattva -- Cover
  • the aims and scope of the book and its contribution
  • a description of the book's content (tables of content, abstracts ...)
  • how the book relates to other recent publications
  • the proposed length of the book, a description of illustrative material (figures, tables, images ...), the intended date of submission ...
  • details on the author or editor and contributors
  • possible peer reviewers


The publication proposal will initially be reviewed internally to see if your project fits with our publishing plans. If so, you will be asked to submit additional supporting material. The full proposal will then be sent for external peer review, after which we will decide how best to proceed.

We are happy to assist you in completing the book proposal so please don't hesitate to contact us if we could be of any help »

  • Our current typesetting: {PDF}


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